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If you do not want to undergo or are not suitable for a surgical weight loss procedure, our specialist weight loss dietitian Lisa Lovell can provide you with a weight loss management programme.

This will be tailored to you with a focus on the following:

  • Dietary advice - including structured diaries, etc.
  • Weight loss targets
  • Exploring the physiology of weight gain/loss
  • Assessment of individual eating patterns
  • Mindful eating

You can book to see Lisa either for an individual appointment or a group of appointments. Lisa can also support you through the Counterweight Plus low calorie liquid diet programme. This is a 12 month programme developed and tested by professionals.

It involves three stages including 12 weeks total diet replacement, 12 weeks food re-introduction and six month's weight loss maintenance. An average weight loss of around 15kg is expected: this level of weight loss associated with improvements in many medical problems such as diabetic control, sleep disturbances and physical activity issues related to joint pain.

To find out more visit the Counterweight website

At Spire Dunedin, our weight loss team is with you all the way – from your first appointment until long after your surgery.

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