The following treatments are available at Spire Dunedin Hospital under the care of one of our cosmetic surgeons or non-surgical doctors.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Wrinkles are caused by everyday factors like sun damage, smoking and facial expressions including laughing or frowning. As you get older the elasticity of your skin reduces too, and wrinkles naturally form - injectable procedures can help to reduce wrinkles for younger looking skin.

The injections help to smooth out the wrinkles without the need for surgery, and can often be an alternative to a brow lift or a facelift.

There are a number of different injectable treatments that can reduce wrinkles, either used on their own or in combination with other techniques; your cosmetic surgeon will be able to advise you on what treatment would be most suitable for the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Wrinkle relaxing injections usually take around 15 minutes, depending on the amount and extent of wrinkles being treated; there is no recovery time so you are able to leave hospital the same day. The injections can take a week or two to take effect.

Dermal fillers

This procedure can be used to create fuller lips or fill out lines around the mouth, nose and cheeks to create a subtle, smoother appearance.

A skin-friendly gel is injected into deep wrinkles to lift and smooth out the skin. Whereas wrinkle treatments affect the muscles that cause lines, dermal fillers work by filling the wrinkles or creases to add volume to the skin.

This treatment usually takes around 30 minutes, though a larger area may take longer. The treatment may cause mild bruising or swelling that can last up to 24 hours.

Thread veins

Thread veins are very fine veins that are often visible on the cheeks, nose and legs; they are common and come in a variety of colours.

If it is something that you are unhappy with them thread vein treatment is a suitable answer to the problem. 

There are a number of different types of thread vein treatment and your cosmetic surgeon will be able to advise you on which is the best one depending on what your desired outcome is. These treatments can be very effective, but as it takes time for the veins to break down, it may be a few weeks before the results are fully apparent. A course of treatment may be recommended to achieve the best results.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the easiest, most cost-effective way of improving your smile and is achieved by lightening the natural colour of your teeth. Teeth whitening can be a highly effective way to enhance your appearance, which is why it is so widely used by both men and women of all ages.

We provide at home tray whitening as it is in your control how white you go and has longer lasting results. Firstly we need to be sure that whitening is for you. It is not a good idea to whiten your teeth if you have existing dental problems as the active whitening ingredient can aggravate any cavity or gum problem.

Our highly experienced Dental Surgeon, Jo Howden takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth and creates custom-made trays for you, which will be used to contain the gel – a carefully controlled concentration of carbemide peroxide. Peroxide-based products have been used in association with teeth for over 30 years and have been shown to be totally safe when delivered correctly. At your appointment our Dental Surgeon will demonstrate and trial the gel in the trays with you, to ensure you are comfortable with how to proceed and what to expect. You will then take the trays home and wear them for consecutive nights – preferably overnight for 2-4 weeks – until the bleaching process is complete.

You might get some sensitivity for a short time during the treatment, but this is normal and will fade away. Following your appointment we will provide you with sensitive toothpaste to use throughout the process and a fluoride mouthwash to help prevent this sensitivity.

How long the whitening lasts depends on your lifestyle. It can last for up to three years, with the trays, top ups are easy – just two to three will boost the whitened teeth.

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