New menu launched

13 August 2019

Spire Cardiff Hospital are pleased to announce that they have recently released a new menu for our inpatients and visitors to enjoy.

New menu launched

World title win for knee op Dad

12 August 2019

Two operations on a damaged knee could have put a stop Welsh karate black belt Gareth Rowe competing at the top level after almost 30 years in the sport. But as he was presented with the Gold Medal at the WUKF World Championships in Bratislava, 52-year-old Gareth was looking to the future and now has eyes on more international titles.

World title win for knee op Dad

Does your recovery need hydrotherapy?

06 February 2019

Hydrotherapy may a useful addition to your rehabilitation programme following injury or surgery. It increases strength, balance and flexibility – essential to regaining normal function – and is less likely to exacerbate any pain due to the fact that the water reduces the load through your joints. In the early days when you could be sore, the effect of the water supporting your limb means it is easier to move through a full range of movement, rather than struggling on land without any buoyancy assistance. As you progress through your recovery and the pain of your injury or surgery decreases, your hydrotherapist will increase the difficulty of the exercises and this can be at a quicker pace than if you were exercising in a gym.

Movember 2018

06 November 2018

Men are being urged to talk the talk and walk the walk, to highlight health issues that are causing thousands of premature deaths in the UK. It is part of this year’s Movember campaign, where men grow moustaches to encourage awareness of killer diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer as well as poor mental health. Now they are also being asked to become ‘a walking, talking advertisement’ to show that taking early action really can save lives.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

02 November 2018

It is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK and usually shows no symptoms in the very early stages – so recognising possible signs of lung cancer when they do occur is of the utmost importance. Now, with Lung Cancer Awareness Month running throughout November, medical experts are supporting efforts to make people fully aware of what they should be looking for.