Spire Windsor Clinic provides the latest in technology with its fully digital X-ray facility.

Advantages of digital X-ray

  • Patient X-ray time reduced
  • Quicker turnaround time of images
  • Uses less radiation than conventional methods
  • X-rays can take images of any bone in the body and are also used to look at the heart, lungs and blood vessels. X-rays travel through your body where they are absorbed at different levels by different tissues such as bones, muscles and organs. When the X-rays come out on the other side of your body they hit a photographic film and make a pattern of light and shade.

X-rays at Spire Windsor Clinic are kept in a digital format and shown on a computer screen, allowing faster access by consultants to images.

Digital X-rays can be used to check:

  • bones for fractures or infection
    joints for damage or inflammation
    soft tissues and organs for signs of disease

Having an X-ray

The radiographer will position you on a table in an X-ray room. They will then place a digital recording plate under the area that’s being X-rayed.

The radiographer will then walk behind a wall or into the next room to activate the X-ray machine. The whole procedure is painless and is usually completed within five to ten minutes.

Call us on 01753 665404

Patients will need to be assessed for suitability for a digital X-ray scan by their GP or consultant and then referred.

Patients who are not covered by medical insurance will need to pay on the day by debit/credit card or cash. For prices and any other enquiries, call our enquiry line on 01753 665404.

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