Spire Thames Valley Hospital Windsor Clinic

The Spire Windsor Clinic is an outreach clinic of Spire Thames Valley Hospital providing patients with the ability to not only receive minor treatments and to have their outpatient appointments in a modern and comfortable setting but access to wide range of treatments available through Spire Healthcare.

Private consulting rooms

Cosmetics, dermatology, fertility, heart treatments and orthopaedics

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MRI scans

Now transferred to Spire Thames Valley Hospital

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Digital X-ray

The area's only fully digital X-ray facility for patients

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Cosmetic treatments

An extensive range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures

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The Hand Practice

Specialised treatment and advice on a wide range of hand and wrist disorders

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Male fertility clinic

Male factor infertility consultation, analysis, investigation and diagnosis

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A full range of treatments is available at Spire Thames Valley Hospital

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Consultants at Spire Windsor Clinic