Increasing your core stability and strength.

We are currently offering an hour long beginners Pilates class in 8 week blocks. It has been very popular and so we are now offering a class for regulars who have completed the beginners’ class and wish to keep going. It is open to patients and the general public.   

What is modified Pilates?

Modified Pilates is a system of exercises designed to help improve your:

  • balance
  • body awareness
  • co-ordination
  • flexibility
  • posture
  • strength


Physiotherapy-led modified Pilates classes are particularly suitable for people returning to exercise after injury, as it is gentle and controlled.

Exercising in a group setting with a physiotherapist means that you can be confident that the exercises are right for your level. Class sizes are smaller than those in a gym, which means you can benefit from individual feedback and hands on correction where needed.


At beginner level, the exercises take place on a mat. The emphasis is on posture, alignment and controlled, flowing movements. There is usually a standing warm up, to develop posture and prepare you for the class.

The main body of the class takes place lying and kneeling on the mat. The exercises target all your different muscle groups in a systematic way. They also help you increase the flexibility of your spine. This means you will develop a more balanced body, move more efficiently and feel better. It can be particularly effective for back, neck and shoulder pain, but everybody will benefit from better movement.

Over time the exercises increase in difficulty, so you can really see that you are progressing and getting stronger.

All our Pilates instructors are physiotherapists who have undertaken training with the APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute).

Plans for the future

We have a Pilates reformer machine which we will be able to incorporate into both physiotherapy sessions and one to one Pilates classes to enhance your recovery experience.

Participant Feedback

“Anyone new to Pilates should try this wonderful class, I was nervous but loved it!” Beginners class, August 2017

“The instruction is first class” Improvers class, August 2017

“Excellent instruction and good progression of exercises” Improvers class, August 2017

“Has given me the confidence to stretch myself after my initial problems” Beginners class, June 2017

“Beyond expectations – wish I’d started a long time ago” Improvers class, June 2017

“It was a perfect introduction to Pilates, not too complex, easy to follow” Beginners class, January 2017

“Great teacher and good company” Beginners class, January 2017

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