Why you might need it

Many members of the population may suffer from various disorders of the foot and lower limb which may require podiatric intervention.  A Podiatrist is a trained professional who is able to identify, manage and treat common conditions including.  Our podiatrists are able to prescribe and supply foot orthotics (insoles) to treat a wide number of biomechanical complaints, should they be necessary.

The podiatry service

We can provide a full assessment of your walking and running pattern, using a treadmill, digital camera footage, specialised software (Dartfish) and a pressure mat system (Tekscan) in our biomechanical gait assessment laboratory. Our physiotherapists and podiatrists work closely together in the gait lab and have easy access to our consultants.

Following your assessment you will receive an individual written report with recommendations for further treatment if required. The information collected will complement physiotherapy and podiatry diagnosis and rehabilitation. Your findings will be discussed with you at the end of the session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Perform Southampton

Our podiatry service is run from our Perform centre, based in Millbrook. 

For details or to book an appointment please call 023 8076 4348.