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Rose's MRI Testimonial

“I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I was expecting a large scar but I am amazed by the tiny incisions. All the pain in my wrist has gone and I couldn’t be more pleased. Mr Shyamalan is an excellent surgeon and I am so glad I chose him.”

4 June 2018 - South Bank Surgery

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“Back to being a busy Dad again”

Shyam - Hand Consultant At Midlands Hand Clinic

Hand Surgery

“Dorsal wrist ganglion removed arthroscopically (by keyhole surgery)”

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“I couldn't believe the pain I was in”

“I will always use Miss Sen in the future should the need arise”

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J. Hutton

Fraser had gastric bypass surgery with specialist surgeon, Mr Martin Wadley.

“This surgery has without doubt changed my life and the help and care I received from South Bank Hospital made the whole experience as comfortable and as easy as is possible.”

“My stay in the Spire Hospital was very comfortable and pleasant.”

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“I cannot thank or praise Miss Skillman enough for her kindness and dedication”

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Displaying 10 of 55 results
Displaying 10 of 55 results