Fraser had gastric bypass surgery with specialist surgeon, Mr Martin Wadley. Read Fraser's story below

At the age of 56 and following some 25 years of yo-yo dieting including everything from Weightwatchers to Slimming World, Scarsdale to Atkins, I reached a point at the end of 2011 where I had high blood pressure and the medication for it, sleep apnoea and had to use a CPAP machine every night to enable me to sleep, I was close to developing Diabetes and my back and knees were so painful I often used a walking stick. I am 5’6” and had ballooned to over 26 stone.

At this point my family were so worried about me and my diminishing health that my parents sat me down and we discussed options to help me deal with this huge problem. My sister had been reading about Bariatric surgery and they suggested I contact my GP about it to see if I could be a candidate for it through the NHS and I was advised by my GP that it may be possible but was quite likely to take 2 years.

Following this appointment, my parents spoke to me at length and suggested that they would loan me the money to privately have surgery to probably save my life.

I once again contacted my GP and during the appointment he referred me to Mr Martin Wadley at Spire South Bank Hospital in Worcester.

During my first appointment with Mr Wadley, we discussed my weight issues at great length and the possibility of surgery and the implications of that surgery along with the different types. Mr Wadley took great care in giving me all the facts I needed to make an objective decision on surgery, along with all the pros and cons and what I could expect. He very carefully explained to me the different options and their suitability. After various consultations it was decided between us that Gastric Bypass surgery would be the best option for me.

Following the various outpatient appointments and meetings with my dietician, I was advised that I would need to follow a strict food regime which included foodstuffs that would help me create the right conditions within my internal organs to give the safest outcome of the surgery. I followed the diet carefully and did lose a good deal of weight and then my appointment for the surgery came through. With the regular appointments and discussions, including having contact whenever I needed or wanted it, I felt that I was being monitored and cared for in the best possible way. Mr Wadley always made himself or his team available which instilled confidence in me as always.

My operation was carried out in July 2012 and following an unfortunate complication with an umbilical hernia I was in hospital and I can only describe my care as incomparable. I felt safe and cared for as an individual throughout and my recovery was speedy to say the least. Within 3 weeks of the operation I was back at work in my office and within 6 weeks I was starting to lose weight rapidly and had already become so mobile that I could walk for a good while pain free.

With regular, easily booked check-ups from Mr Wadley’s team and all the help and dietary advice I need, I am now 16 months down the line and almost 12 stone lighter, my life has changed beyond compare. No sleep apnoea, no aches and pains, clothes I can buy off the peg and a healthy food lifestyle.

This surgery has without doubt changed my life and the help and care I received from South Bank Hospital made the whole experience as comfortable and as easy as is possible. Within my contract I am still monitored regularly and am constantly encouraged by all concerned.

I have no qualms in recommending Spire South Bank Hospital to anyone contemplating this type of surgery and have actively done so.