Scans and investigations

Our range of scans and investigations can shed light on your health.

Modern technology allows doctors to see inside your body in a way previously only possible through surgery. Alongside more familiar tools such as X-rays and blood tests, advanced equipment such as our MRI and CT scanners can help your doctor identify and monitor a variety of conditions.

ECG monitoring or event recorder - 24/48 hour

Tracks your heart's electrical activity and rhythm over a period of time.

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Back pain investigations (discography)

Confirm whether a damaged disc in your back is causing you pain.

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Barium swallow and barium meal

A procedure that allows doctors to view difficult to see gut problems.

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Bladder investigations (cystoscopy)

A long thin tube looks inside your bladder to check for problems.

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Bupa health assessments

Hello health assessment. Hello healthy me.

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Breast lump investigation

Though 90% of lumps are benign, it’s vital to get them checked.

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CT scan

Specialised X-rays to look for signs of inflammation, disease or cancer.

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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Measures the electrical activity of your heart to detect abnormalities.

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Flexible sigmoidoscopy

An investigation of your rectum and the lower part of the bowel.

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Mammogram (mammography)

Low dose X-ray vital to helping detect breast cancer in its early stages.

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MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging scan)

Multi-dimensional scans to investigate many types of different conditions.

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Ultrasound scan

Examines internal organs and blood flow to diagnose or monitor conditions.

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A test to help investigate bladder problems.

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Investigates and diagnoses a variety of health conditions.

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Our specialist team

Meet the consultants who are part of our expert team here at Spire South Bank Hospital.

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Diagnostic Imaging at Spire South Bank

With the recent expansion of the Imaging Centre, the hospital is now able to offer a fully in-house service providing a comprehensive range of scans and tests to examine any part of the body, inside and out. The department now features a new Philips Ingenia 1.5T MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner, installed in June 2017. The scanner assists with the diagnosis and monitoring of many different medical conditions in every part of the body, including bones, soft tissue and the brain. Patients now receive a more pleasant ‘in-bore’ experience through reduced noise and elevated comfort, and examination times are shorter. The CT (computerised tomography) scanner; installed in 2014, is a state-of-the-art, 160 slice, scanner, able to perform various general examinations including chest, abdomen, pelvis, head, heart and spinal scans. The Imaging Centre also provides X-rays, ultrasound and barium enema and meal procedures.

Digital Mammography

The hospital offers a digital mammography imaging service which completes the range of imaging services available. For more information about our range of tests and scans available or to book an appointment, please contact the Spire South Bank Hospital Imaging Department on 01905 362 223.

Why choose the Imaging Centre?

Patients not only benefit from some of the best imaging technology in the region, but also from the advantages of a private hospital setting. On-site car parking is free, next day appointments are available and personal service is paramount. The scanners are set in light and spacious rooms to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Longer appointment times allow our highly trained and qualified radiographers more time to spend with patients so they are totally at ease before their procedure. Our consultant radiologists will guide patients through the entire experience and will report their clinical findings to the referring consultant or GP.

Are scans and investigations for you?

Information is power when it comes to healthcare. Scans and investigations help your GP or consultant confirm a diagnosis, monitor a particular condition or give you peace of mind. This means you can begin or change treatment at the right time. If you’re feeling run-down or you have a family history of a genetic condition, tests can also offer reassurance or provide an early warning of health problems. Having the information is the first step towards reclaiming control of your health. Advances in technology and medical research mean that the number of scans and investigations that help keep you healthy or diagnose disease is growing all the time.

Why choose Spire South Bank Hospital for your scans and investigations?

We're always investing in our equipment and facilities. Whether you’re insured or paying for yourself you can get quick access to some of the latest, next generation diagnostic equipment and scanners by booking with Spire.

You can choose which of our immaculate hospitals to visit at a time convenient to you – and with no waiting. After your test we’ll send the results to your doctor straight away. We're proud to have been recognised for achieving excellence in patient care, staff training, nursing practice and healthcare outcomes.