Dorsal wrist ganglion removed arthroscopically (by keyhole surgery)

Dorsal wrist ganglion removal

Dorsal wrist ganglion removed arthroscopically (by keyhole surgery) 

Happy with diagnosis
Shyam (Mr Shyamalan) diagnosed at our initial appointment that the lumps on the back of my hands were ganglions, and explained how they form. A follow up scan confirmed this diagnosis.

Speed to surgery
I was offered surgery within a fortnight, but opted to wait a month so it fitted around my diary.

Surgical explanation
I have had previous ganglion surgery and was pleased that Shyam does keyhole surgery. My previous ganglion removals have left unsightly scars on my wrists, following traditional surgery. Shyam understood and agreed that I needed an aesthetically considered approach as hands are on show so much.

Surgery itself
I was able to liaise by text message with Shyam before surgery, and so it was straightforward to agree a check in time for surgery which suited me. The surgery itself went to plan, and there were no surprises as everything had been thorough explained beforehand.

The bandages were kept on for a week, and were then replaced by a smaller dressing and I was given dressings to keep it covered for a further week. Upon removal there are three incision marks each measuring 6-8mm. I have had physiotherapy to restore joint mobility and to be educated about how to minimise the scarring with massage and tape. My follow up review with Shyam confirmed the surgery has been a success.

My input in the surgery
Shyam is approachable, listens to concerns and books surgery and follow ups on the spot if that suits the patient. His text follow-up was reassuring and was an easy way to check what was going to happen and when.

Key hole surgery for your lump
I wish I had had keyhole surgery for my previous ganglions, as my wrists would look much better! It’s a superior way of removing ganglions as it minimises scars, and has involved less dressings etc afterwards.

Overall I highly recommend this procedure as performed by Shyam.