I could have lay there all day!

Rose's MRI Testimonial

With the day drawing ever nearer to have an MRI scan on my spine, I was feeling a little apprehensive. Having had one before where I felt very enclosed and uncomfortable, I was dreading that feeling again.

I shouldn’t have worried! From the moment I was greeted by the friendly reception staff in the Imaging Centre at Spire South Bank, I immediately started to feel at ease. I then met the radiographer who explained what was going to happen and that South Bank had a new MRI scanner meaning the whole experience would be much more comfortable for me.

The difference was amazing. I was able to choose the music I wanted to listen to and I was given a choice of scenes to look at during the scan. As I lay there watching this very relaxing video with my choice of music and ambient coloured lighting changing in the room all around me, I was hardly aware I was in a scanner at all! I was oblivious to any of the noise it made and I could have lay there all day!

Afterwards, the kind staff offered me a cup of coffee and biscuits so I didn’t feel I was being rushed out, I would not hesitate to have another MRI scan at South Bank again.