Back to being a busy Dad again

Nick's story - Cortisone injection - Mr Aslam

"Having taken up exercise again in 2012 and run 10 marathons since, I have only suffered minor niggles until last year when I experienced a sharp pain in my thigh during a training run.

Various treatments including sports massages, acupuncture and ultrasound have had little effect as it has turned out to be a hip impingement which ultimately requires surgery.

To help in the short term, Mr Aslam carried out two cortisone injections at South Bank to ease the day-to-day pain which have worked brilliantly and enabled me to get back to some level of what I love to do, run.

"Mr Aslam put me at ease and explained the diagnosis in detail and really helped me to get back to being a busy Dad again, and pain free for a while. Surgery is the next step, but so far the experience I have received from South Bank has been excellent."