Back surgery

Treatments and surgery to help with back problems

Back and neck pain can be completely debilitating and affect every aspect of your daily life. Spire Portsmouth Hospital offers an investigation and diagnostic service and when required, advanced spinal surgery procedures. We provide care from an integrated team of specialists, to manage and relieve the pain.

Our back and spinal procedures include:

  • Facet joint injections - for neck and back pain, not widely offered on the NHS
  • Spinal decompression surgery - to remove bone, ligament or disc pressing on the spinal cord and nerves
  • Treatment for sciatica
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Discectomy
  • Disk replacement
  • Physiotherapy

Our team of highly trained orthopaedic spinal surgeons, pain physicians, rheumatologists, radiologists, physiotherapists and specialist nurses provide personalised care throughout your treatment. Your physiotherapists will design an individual rehabilitation plan to aid your recovery and help you maintain a pain free back when you return home.

Our specialist spinal team continuously update their skills and surgical techniques to ensure they deliver the best care possible to our patients.


Back pain investigations (disc…

onfirm if a damaged disc in your back is causing you pain.

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Back surgery

Treatment to relieve pain from compressed nerves in your spine.

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Balloon kyphoplasty

Minimally invasive surgery to treat fractures in the spine.

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Injections for back and facet…

Steroids injections into the spine to help relieve pain.

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Joint manipulation treatment

Non-invasive, simple treatment to ease pain and improve range of movement.

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Meet our spinal surgeons

We have a team of specialist spinal surgeons who perform a wide range of procedures.

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Meet our pain management team

Meet our team of specialist pain management consultants.

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Spire Portsmouth Hospital offers fast access to treatments for a wide range of back conditions. If you are struggling with back pain, we offer specialised care focused on your needs.

  • No waiting lists
    You can usually see the consultant of your choice within 2 weeks
  • Consultant-led care
    The same consultant will follow you through your patient journey
  • Inclusive care packages
    Our fixed price care packages cover everything you need, so there are no hidden surprises
  • Safe and clean environment
    We have had no cases of hospital acquired MRSA or C. Difficile bacteraemia since we opened in 1984
  • Multidisciplinary care
    We have an experienced team of specialist physiotherapists and pharmacist to help you recover from your surge

Spire Physiotherapy

Spire Portsmouth Hospital offers specialised physiotherapy services tailored to your needs. Our physiotherapists work closely with the specialist consultants and have access to all the scanning facilities at the hospital.

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