Michelle Noble, 56, had a total right hip replacement with Mr Ng.

In early 2012 Michelle began to slightly limp this affected her whilst she was holidaying in Malta for two weeks “I was limping and had excessive discomfort for most of the holiday.”

“Symptoms were noticeable over time, but variable as I had some periods where I appeared almost symptom free.”

In August 20147 Michelle had a pelvic x-ray, following six to seven weeks of physiotherapy showing “marked degenerative changes and narrowing of joint space.”

“Initially I felt shocked and upset. Felt a bit sorry for myself.”

“Because I was not troubles excessively at the time and mobility was good, I was basically told to 'carry on'. My GP did say though that a hip replacement would not be given to aid mobility but only to relieve pain.”

“In April 2016 I was limping almost constantly and requiring pain relied more regularly. I returned to my GP and was referred to Mr Ng at Methley Park.”

“In June 2016 I saw Mr Ng, Mr Ng examined me and obtained the history. He reassured me that my age (55 at the time) was not a problem, but would leave it 'up to me' regarding my ability to cope.”

Michelle decided to go ahead with the total hip replacement.

“My hospital experience was excellent, (both pre and post op) clinics were efficient. I only had a two night stay which was expected and found all staff to be very attentive. Physio would have commenced on the afternoon of surgery but I was too light headed. However once I was guided through safe mobilisation practises and able to do so independently I felt I progressed quickly and felt confident to cope at home. Pain relief was administrated quickly as requested.”

After the operation “my initial feeling was the disbelief that I had received major surgery while “awake”, although I can remember very little of it. My main 'fear' pre-op was the spinal anaesthesia, even though I had heard good reports from people who had received it.”

At home “I was determined to be independent as early as I could be and learned many 'tricks' to enable this to happen. My husband had booked (many months prior to my surgery) to go to the Isle of Man races for a week. He would have cancelled, but at 4 weeks post op he was able to leave me.”

Michelle was “reviewed at 6 weeks, Mr Ng pleased with progress and discharged me but given open invitation for contact if any problems.”

Michelle’s quality of life improved. “Appreciation of the more simple things ie, short pain free walks. I am no longer being overtaken by people 30 years older than me.”

“A few years ago I was walking in the snow and had to turn home after a short distance because it was so uncomfortable. In December my husband and I went to Norway and I coped brilliantly.”

Michelle’s advice for anyone with the same condition “Seek help, don’t just put with discomfort. Hip replacements are so common and often life changing, also keep up with the exercise post op.”

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