Richard Woolley a retired retail manager from Leeds first started noticing pain in his ankle when walking, often this became sever and debilitating.  

Over time the pain gradually got worse. Richard visited his GP’s who carried out tests and then referred him to see the community podiatrist. After seeing the podiatrist Richard was referred to Spire Methley Park Hospital for treatment.

Richard came to see Mr Jason Eyre Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in foot and ankle surgery.

In his initial consultation Richard had an x ray carried out on his ankle, the results of the x ray were then discussed in detail between Mr Eyre and Richard.

“My consultation with Mr Eyre was very informative and I had the opportunity to ask questions following the decision to operate. The admin / information sent to me was thorough and easy to understand.”

Richard’s experience at Spire Methley Park Hospital was “First class, everyone was friendly, efficient and professional.”

“I was impressed by the thoroughness of the pre-op procedures. On the day everyone who came to see me in my room explained who they were, the purpose of their visit and what was required of me. At no point have I felt the need for further or better information. This applies to all member of the team.”

“I had plenty of time to recover and was home the same day.”

The recovery back at home “Was very satisfactory. I was given clear instructions regarding recovery regime.”

At the follow up appointment “Stiches removed, discussions with Mr Eyre and meeting with the physiotherapist.”

“I am confident that I will be able to resume physical exercises which had become impossible”

Richard’s advice for anyone considering surgery “Go for it.”


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