David Kirkbright, 61, Inguinal Hernia Repair with Mr Shiwani

Whilst showering David Kirkbright discovered a lump, and over time it became more noticeable.

When David visited his GP, he confirmed straight away what it was - confirming David’s suspicions.

David knew that his options were either receiving treatment on the NHS or going privately. After doing research on his local hospitals David came to see Mr Shiwani for a consultation in January 2017.

In the initial consultation: “Mr Shiwani explained I had a rupture and the various forms and treatment that were available.”

What was David's experience of the hospital like?

“Very good. Not having been in hospital that often (once for the removal of wisdom teeth) I was quite nervous.”

"After the operation I had aches and pains but I was told to expect this.”

David describes his recovery: “Taking note of the support and guidance I received, pain killers rest etc. I was reasonably comfortable under the circumstances.”

“Mr Shiwani checked my progress and after examination pronounces the op a success.”

How does David feel now?

“Great, much better now. Things are completely back to normal”

"Now I can carry on a normal life without the discomfort of a hernia. It affected lots of things like walking, eating, going to the toilet.”

David’s advice to people considering surgery “Don’t leave it too long before you visit your GP once you feel the symptoms. The key hole surgery I had was excellent.”


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