Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy can help manage breathlessness and cough and help you gain more control over these symptoms. It can also help to rebalance dysfunctional and disordered breathing patterns that can cause many unwanted symptoms and limit exercise performance.

Hippocrates observed that breathing is the balancing force in maintaining mental and physical health.

Here at Spire Leicester Hospital we offer specialist advice in:

  • Cough control
  • Airway clearance techniques
  • Coping strategies for breathlessness and panic
  • Breathing control
  • Breathing pattern retraining
  • Relaxation

What does respiratory physiotherapy assessment involve?

Having an individual assessment with an experienced respiratory physiotherapist can help identify which self- management programme could help you.

The assessment usually covers a detailed discussion about your symptoms, how you are managing it currently, a review of any existing  techniques you might use, and where appropriate, observing breathing patterns, for example, at rest, walking, stair climbing or during exercise.

In addition the physiotherapist will discuss your lifestyle with you to explore the possibility of related links or triggers to symptoms you may have.

Long term reviews are available to enable you to continue your progress towards your lifestyle goal.

Respiratory physiotherapists can teach a wide range of techniques and will select the specific interventions that your symptoms require.

Find out more about how respiratory physiotherapy assessment might help you.

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