Biodex Isokinetic assessment

Isokinetic assessment and treatment provides a fast and proven way of assessing and rehabilitating muscle strength, endurance and power.

Biodex assessment provides a comprehensive set of data which allows your physiotherapist to target your specific training needs and provide a valuable insight into the planning of a  personalised rehabilitation/strength and conditioning programme.

At Spire Leicester we use the most up to date Biodex system 4 isokinetic machine which is used most commonly to assess and treat knees and ankles but can also be used to assess shoulders, hips, wrists and elbows.

 Targeting your specific needs

Biodex assessment can be used for:

  • Pre-season screening and prehabilitation
  • Assessment of injury
  • Muscle strengthening pre and post injury
  • Following surgery - in particular ACL reconstruction 
  • Sports rehabilitation
  • Return to play assessment
  • Personalised strength and conditioning exercise programmes
  • Improving joint motion and control

This specialist therapy is used in conjunction with traditional physiotherapy

 Find out more

For a Biodex assessment or to enquire about the Biodex please call 0116 265 3653 and our physiotherapy team will be happy to help you.