Spine Pain Clinic

Rapid access to expert assessment of spinal pain

Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain or both?

If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. More than four out of five of us will suffer from back pain at some stage in our lives, with one in five consulting their GP about it. For many people spinal pain may settle down over a period of time, however, when it doesn't, carrying on with normal day to day activity can be a real challenge.

In many cases simply getting an expert diagnosis can prove difficult, which is why we set up our Spine Clinic here at Spire Leicester Hospital.

We offer a specialised diagnostic triage service - assessing spinal conditions and deciding how best they should be managed. No two back problems are identical, but many can be treated in an appropriate and safe way by understanding the likely cause and the treatment options available, helping you get back to work or back on track more quickly.

Who will I see?

Our Spine Clinic is run by Mrs Helen Mumby-Croft, a highly qualified specialised therapist with 15 years’ experience as a specialist in the assessment, diagnosis and clinical management of all spinal and referred pain, including neck and arm pain, back and sciatic pain.

How it works

During the initial consultation, a full medical history is taken and a comprehensive physical examination and assessment undertaken. Where clinically appropriate, Mrs Mumby-Croft may suggest referring you for imaging of the spine in the form of MRI or CT, X-ray or ultrasound or she may request blood tests to establish if there is any rheumatological reason for the pain.

After the assessment and after reviewing any test or scan results that may have been undertaken, Helen Mumby-Croft will then provide a provisional diagnosis and discuss with you the most appropriate treatment pathway for you to follow.

Depending on your condition and the cause of your pain, this might include:

  • individualised lifestyle advice on how to manage your symptoms advice on the appropriate exercises to follow and a further evaluation
  • referral back to GP with specific advice on pain medication, peripheral soft tissue or joint injection
  • direct referral to physiotherapy
  • direct referral to an orthopaedic consultant
  • direct referral to an alternative specialist – for example, a rheumatologist or pain management consultant

Mrs Mumby-Croft will write to your GP to inform them of any advice you have been given or diagnostic tests or treatment you have had.

How much can I expect to pay?

An initial consultation and assessment and follow up appointment costs £100. If there is no need for you to attend a follow up appointment a fee of £60.00 is charged.

Any X-raysscans, blood tests or other diagnostic tests and treatments, are not included in this fee and are charged separately.

How do I book an appointment?

Our Spine Pain Clinic runs on Monday afternoons. To make an appointment simply call one of our outpatient bookings team on 0116 265 3685.