Ross saw Consultant Haematologist Dr Mamta Garg for a blood disorder.

"I was referred by my doctor to see a haematologist about an unknown blood issue and I saw Dr Mamta Garg at Spire Leicester Hospital. Obviously I was worried after being referred to a specialist and could only think negatively. On my first visit to Dr Garg, I explained everything I had gone through and why I was visiting her. During this consultation she was extremely friendly; she wanted to listen and really made me feel like she wanted to help me. She asked further questions all about my symptoms, my history and my family's history in great detail. She examined my body explaining everything as she was examining me, what she was looking for and why. When she gave her diagnosis she explained what she believed my condition was, why she believed it to be the case and then she detailed the exact process I would need to go through to confirm her diagnosis. During this, she ruled out different conditions I was concerned it might be, explaining why she was ruling those out, putting my mind at ease.

I went through the rest of the process with her and she constantly wrote to me updating me on results from each test, and I experienced the same level of service from her at each stage. Quite soon she confirmed my condition and explained to me what this meant, the symptoms I needed to look out for, how my condition would affect me and the treatment I would have to go through should anything get worse.

At no point did I feel Dr Garg was rushing any appointment. She understood how I was feeling and really reassured me. I felt like I had been listened to and that she really did understand my problem. She answered all my questions without me even having to ask them, leaving me feeling I knew everything I needed to know with nothing else to worry about.

Dr Garg even gave me her contact numbers and told me that if I had any concerns that I could leave a message and she would advise me.

Recently I had some questions about some medication I had to take whilst abroad. After reading the leaflet I wasn't sure if I would be okay to take it, so I contacted Dr Garg on the Friday afternoon. Within the hour she had responded and asked me to get a blood test. I expressed further concern that the results wouldn't be back quickly enough as I was going away on the Wednesday and couldn't have a blood test until the Monday. Once again she told me not to worry and I trusted her.

On Sunday morning at 8am I had a message from her asking me to remind her after I’d had the test so she could follow up on the results. I had the test done and Dr Garg contacted me the following day to tell me everything was normal and to proceed to take the tablets. This may not seem a lot but with the number of patients she must deal with, to find time to respond to my messages and to contact me on a Sunday shows me how dedicated and passionate Dr Garg is about helping her patients.

Fortunately, this is the only time I have been referred to a specialist. However, since visiting this hospital I have spoken with close family and friends about my experience and they have all been impressed by the care shown to me by Dr Garg.

My Mum, who came with me to my appointments, has told many people how pleased she is that I was in such safe hands.

I really can't speak highly enough about my experience with Dr Garg, I would recommend her to anybody - the detail, friendliness, knowledge, passion and care she offers is incredible.

On top of all of this I felt that everybody I dealt with around the hospital had a lot of time for me. The receptionists were extremely helpful, the waiting times were very short and everything you needed to know about from where to go, to how to pay, was explained very clearly and left me with no confusion."