Making a referral guide

We are committed to supporting healthcare professionals and aim to make the referral process quick and simple.

How to make a referral

Our Primary Care Manager will work closely with you, to help provide the highest level of service. Our Purpose is to make a positive difference to people’s lives through outstanding personalised care.

You can refer your private patients to Spire Leicester Hospital:

  • Online – via Spire Connect
  • Email
  • Fax

Online referrals

Spire Connect

Spire Connect is the quickest way to make a referral. The patient e-referral portal offers a fast, easy and fully secure way for GPs, practice staff and healthcare professionals to refer patients to Spire hospitals. As well as making secure online referrals for a broad range of treatments and tests and scans, you can also:

  • Receive email confirmations – once your referral is submitted and processed
  • Access sent referral information – at any time
  • Find direct up to date contact information
  • Save time and paper – it’s environmentally friendly

Login/register for Spire Connect

Email and fax referrals


You can refer your private patients to us by emailing your referrals to:


You can also submit private patient referrals to us via fax. Please fax your referrals to:

  • Outpatient appointments: 0800 096 0196
  • X-ray imaging: 0116 265 3681
  • MRI/CT imaging: 0116 271 3727
  • A referral letter is generally required before any insured patient can see a consultant. This can be completed online via Spire Connect, written and emailed or faxed to us, or the patient can take it with them to their first appointment
  • Your patient will need to contact their medical insurance company to check the coverage their insurer provides and to obtain an authorisation code for their hospital appointment and/or treatment
  • Your patient contacts our hospital outpatient bookings team on 0116 265 3685 to make an appointment
  • Patients paying for their own treatment can often be seen without a GP referral, although some consultants prefer a letter which your patient can take with them to their appointment
  • Your patient contacts our private treatment advisers enquiry line on 0116 265 3021 or emails us at to make an appointment
  • The consultant may suggest some initial tests or scans to help with diagnosis. Both the initial consultation and tests at this stage are charged separately to the cost of any treatment needed
  • If your patient requires a procedure or surgery, we provide a single, fixed price* quote which will cover all the patient’s treatment costs and if the patient chooses to proceed, we’ll arrange a convenient treatment date
  • We will keep you informed of your patient’s progress

*Please see Spire healthcare’s patient terms and conditions for full details. Prices vary per treatment and are dependent on each patient’s individual circumstances and needs.

NHS referrals

Spire Leicester NHS patient referral

Spire Leicester Hospital provides a range of elective surgical services to the NHS. Full details of the services offered can be found on the NHS e-Referral system

Our aim is to make the referral process as quick and easy as possible.

Please use the NHS e-referral system to refer your patients to us. We are no longer able to accept NHS referral letters by any other means (eg fax or email).

If you have any queries in relation to the e-referral process, please contact our NHS Coordinator on 0116 265 3658 Option 2.