I recently stayed at Spire Hartswood for a hysterectomy op, under Mr Varma.  The operation went incredibly well and I couldn’t believe how good I felt the following day, and indeed every day since. Mr Varma was highly recommended to me, and I understand why. But I was also so impressed with Spire Hartswood. 

There seemed systems and method in everything you did. Your good standards, working with the patient, really came across. It’s the people that are fantastic. My partner nailed it. He said ‘They’re confident, clearly capable and everyone wants to be here’ and I agree.  
What a culture to have fostered, and not easy to achieve.

The hospitality ladies were just great, humorous and so accommodating.  I asked for some haddock for breakfast and was asked if I’d like smoked or unsmoked and if I’d like a poached egg too – now that’s service!  And it was delicious!  The quality of food was great, the dishes and choice perfect. Really lovely. Even serving drinks on a tray. It all made for meal times being a treat.  No wonder patients recover quickly, and with a smile!

Of course, the nurses were superb. Professional, helpful, clearly very well trained but you could talk to them as well – you weren’t just another patient.  They were all great. Spire Hartswood should be proud. Andrea, Sarah and Linda, thank you!

I will certainly recommend Spire to anyone wishing to have private care. Thank you very much indeed for making my stay so easy and great. It is true that it felt like staying at a hotel and having some treatment at the same time. 

Thank you!