Dear Mr Court,

I recently had my 12 month check-up following partial knee replacement surgery on 5 November 2012. I explained to Mr Kumar how much my life had changed since my operation.

Before, I was in constant pain and beginning to limp. My wife and I had been regular walkers (walking the Norfolk coast in 2010) but after standing up and experiencing intense pain in December 2011 my mobility was severely reduced.

Initially Mr Kumar gave me cortisone injections but these only gave me temporary relief and further x-rays showed bone rubbing on bone so it was decided that surgery was the best option.

I now play golf three times a week, have been on many short breaks with my wife with lots of sight-seeing. Without boring you with all the details I would say that my operation has been life-changing and better for me than a full replacement. Other people should not be denied this opportunity.

Yours truly,

K J Wiseman.