Unhappy about waiting for surgery on her suspected melanoma, Lilian scoured the internet to see what a private hospital could offer. Impressed by the work of consultant plastic surgeon Mr Manu Sood, she rang his secretary to find out more.

Lilian explains: “I wasn’t sure how quickly he would be able to see me but I was offered an appointment at Spire Hartswood Hospital within a couple of days – a Saturday. I was dumbstruck! And I was admitted within five working days, due to the staff pulling out all the stops for me.” They also arranged for her to have various tests in the days leading up to her arrival.

“What sticks out so much, she continues, “is that I became a person…not someone to get in and out. They cared so they progressed my case as quickly as they could. I felt like an individual.

“Mr Sood was brilliant and the nurses had time for me and they explained things to me. They were professional and personable. I couldn’t fault anything at all. I felt comfortable, not hurried. I stayed one night and had brilliant care and my husband and daughter were able to visit me.”

Afterwards, Lilian came back to Spire Hartswood Hospital to have her dressings changed, first daily and then twice weekly. She needed very little time off work and she is 'healing nicely'. While she will continue to have check-ups with Mr Sood, she is now leading a normal life again and spending time with her beloved grandchildren.

So, how does she view this life-changing experience now? “It could have been so very different,” she said. “However, I feel positive about something negative. I know I am going to be checked over the next five years and if something does come up it will be treated in the same manner.”