I can only say my procedure was a positive, from beginning to end.
I went to see Mr Baljit Dheansa regarding a breast reduction, he advised what would be done during the operation to acheive this. I then had to go away and think hard if this is what I wanted and to ring for another appointment if I wished to go ahead, bringing with me a list of all the questions that I needed to ask. At the second appointment, and after answering my many questions, the date was set.

I settled into my private room at 4pm, and by 5pm I was down in the operating room. On surfacing from the anaesthetic back in my room, I was very comfortable, the nursing staff were on hand if I needed anything. Mr Dheansa appeared at 7.30am to see me. I hadn't looked at my breast's, thinking they would be bandaged up, but no, all there was, was tape around the wounds. I was discharged from hospital that same morning, and went back to work 2 weeks later. I then had 4 post op appointments with Mr Dheansa to make sure I was ok.

There are pale signs of the operation now, but they will fade further, I am very happy with the size and shape of my breast's. Mr Dheansa took all his appointments, he did the operation, he took all the post op appointments. He listens, he understands, he is there for his patients.
Thank you Mr Dheansa