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08 February 2018

  • Have you had a sudden change in vision?
  • Do you have hazy or blurred vision?
  • Do you have persistent pain in one or both eyes?
  • Have you been diagnosed with glaucoma?
  • Is cataract blurring your vision?
  • Are you frustrated with your glasses or contact lenses?

The ageing process, eye disease and long term conditions such as diabetes can all affect our eyesight. Our expert ophthalmology surgeons can treat some of the most common of these conditions including surgery to fix cataracts. We also offer laser treatment for some eye conditions and injections for wet age-related macular degeneration.

Although only a few conditions rob people of their sight, many such as cataracts and glaucoma make it much more difficult to read, drive, watch television and enjoy other everyday pleasures. Advances are being made in the treatment of eye diseases all the time and treatments such as cataract repair can provide long-term and dramatic improvements to a person’s eyesight – and boost their enjoyment of life.

At Spire Elland Hospital, we provide some of the latest, advanced medical treatments to treat a wide range of eye conditions delivered through a personalised service. Our highly regarded surgeons provide specialist care in all aspects of ophthalmology, tailored to individual needs. We have a modern, well-equipped hospital and can offer specialist eye care clinics to private patients within the dedicated ophthalmology suite in our Out Patient Department.

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