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07 March 2018

When it comes to health, you expect the very best and we believe our expert services should be available to everyone – whether you are paying for yourself, using private medical insurance or referred from the NHS.

Follow the guide below to see how to access your care in less than 3 steps...

Paying for your own treatment 

1. Visit your GP

It is recommended that you visit your GP for a referral letter however they are not always required (please ask)

2. Book your consultation

Book your initial appointment by calling one of our self pay advisors on 01422 324069. When you book your initial consultation we will let you know the consultation fee for the consultant that you are seeing. 

Using private medical insurance 

1. Visit your GP

Visit your GP to discuss your symptoms and get a referral to us.

2. Contact your insurer

Once you have been given a referral from your GP you should contact your insurer to let them know that you plan to book a consultation, scan or physiotherapy.

3. Book your consultation 

Book your initial appointment by calling us on 01422 324020. Please ensure that you have your insurance policy and authorisation numbers to hand.

Referred from the NHS

1. Visit your GP

Visit your GP to discuss your symptoms and request a referral to us.

2. Book your consultation

If you have chosen to have your NHS treatment here you will receive details of your appointment in the post.


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Access to our services is quick and easy

Whether you are paying for yourself or using private medical insurance, we provide expert care for everyone. Our advisors are here to help you find the best consultant for you and answer any questions you might have

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