Be ski fit and protect yourself against injury

14 February 2018

It’s the time of year again when people flock to the mountains to satisfy their love of skiing and snowboarding. However, to enjoy the sport fully skiing requires a range of fitness components such as strength and flexibility. Why not book in to see a physiotherapist who can help develop a pre-ski programme and ensure you have the best time on the slopes.

Be ski fit and protect yourself against injury

Taking a stand in the fight against cancer for World Cancer Day 2018

30 January 2018

Here at Spire Dunedin we are passionate about the fight against cancer, and have a long history within the hospital, of treating and supporting those living with the disease in its many forms. The following is a testimonial to the work of our network of Consultants and our Oncology department, and the fight against cancer highlighted by World Cancer Day and #WeCanIcan

Cervical Cancer Campaign 2018

19 January 2018

The number of women attending potentially life-saving smear tests has hit a 20-year-low in the UK, according to NHS figures. The figures reveal that cervical cancer screening coverage fell from 72.7% to 72% in the last year with 1.4million women missing their tests.

New Year, new you? Don't battle weight loss on your own.

08 January 2018

New Year, new you… But what if trying to attain a healthy weight has proved impossible and it is now affecting your general health and well being? Have you experienced the reality of the size ceiling? Overweight people are less likely to be hired, have fewer opportunities, and often suffer from unconscious bias in the workplace*.

Endometriosis: don't struggle with the monthly cycle of pain

27 September 2017

Endometriosis is not an easy topic for women to discuss with their GP because of society’s reluctance, in general, to discuss what was euphemistically known as “women’s troubles”. If you are suffering discuss the issue with Alex Swanton at Spire Dunedin Hospital.