Management and prevention of dance injuries.

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A healthy injury free body is of the upmost importance for any dancer.  Historically the dance population has been expected to self-manage their injuries with little or no support.  However within dance medicine and science there is a growing body of practitioners and evidence which is helping to support dancers' health needs.

At Perform Birmingham we aim to provide fast and easy access to high quality care for dancers and performers.  Our dance service is run by Pippa Jones,  a Chartered Physiotherapist working at Perform Birmingham.  She has an extensive background in dance science and medicine, having worked as a physiotherapist with professional dancers from London’s West End, BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and the Royal Ballet.

Pippa has danced since a young age which gives her a unique understanding and therefore empathy into the pressures faced by dance athletes around their training and performance.  She has increased her knowledge and experience in the field by completing an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy with an emphasis on dance.  She has also recently presented her research dissertation at the 2012 Annual International Association for Dance Medicine and Science Conference.     

Dance services offered at Perform Birmingham include:

  • dance specific assessment
  • screening and performance enhancement
  • sports/dance injury management
  • return to dance/ show fitness status
  • dance specific exercise prescription
  • clinical pilates
  • acupuncture
  • manual therapy
  • sports massage
  • shockwave therapy
  • Alter-G running machine
  • onsite access to diagnostic investigations
  • direct access to a sports and exercise medicine consultant
  • direct access to consultant orthopaedic surgeons.

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