• Professor Manohar Bance

    Professor of Otology and Skull Base Surgery
    MB, ChB, MSc, FRCS, FRCSC, ABOto

    I have been a subspecialist in diseases and surgery of the ear for 29 years. I have extensive experience in both first and revision surgery in many diseases of the ear, having been a tertiary care (ie referral doctor) for other general ENT doctors working on t…

  • Mr Neil Donnelly

    Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon
    MBBS, BSc(1st Hons), MSc(Dist Hons), FRCS (ORL-HNS)

    I am a Consultant ENT Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 2009. Over the past 15 years I have performed over 1,000 major ear operations, over 500 cochlear implants, over 150 vestibular schwannoma resections and over 150 pituita…