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Recruitment | Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare jobs at Spire Healthcare. Whatever your skills and expertise, we offer enough opportunities to last a career lifetime.

Meniscus tear | Spire Healthcare

Damage to the meniscal cartilage (meniscus) within the knee, causing pain and preventing your knee joint from flexing and moving freely. Find out more about the condition and how Spire Healthcare can treat meniscus tear.

Swollen joints | Spire Healthcare

Swollen joints is usually caused by damage to the tissues in or near your joint and can be caused by injury, over-use or an underlying disease. Learn more about the causes of swollen joints and how it can be treated here.

How to book | Spire Healthcare

Booking with Spire is simple. Whether you’re paying for yourself, using private medical insurance or are an NHS patient, accessing one of our 39 award-winning hospitals is really easy.