Hip Replacement Surgery on 14 February 2017, by surgeon Mr J P Whittaker at Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham.

Male patient, 64 years of age who was reasonably fit and active (eg regular gym attendee) and in good health apart from the specific hip condition.


After a number of years of increasing pain and discomfort in my right groin and hip, and having previously consulted my GP including an X-ray and inconclusive tests, the situation became such that I was losing sleep and found most daily activities very uncomfortable.

In late January 2017, I consulted Mr Whittaker at the Spire Yale Hospital and, after an examination and X-ray, he diagnosed Osteoarthritis. He explained in great detail the range of options available to me but it became clear to me that hip-replacement surgery was the only choice likely to provide me with lasting recovery. Mr Whittaker recommended fitting a ceramic on ceramic prosthesis and I was fortunate, through a cancellation, to be admitted for surgery on 14 February, 2017.

At every stage, I was well cared for in the hospital and both Mr Whittaker and the anaesthetist were very considerate, ensuring that I was well prepared for the procedure. I underwent surgery in the early evening (Tuesday) and was back on the ward by 8.00 p.m. The operation itself was unproblematic (for me, at least) and I remained conscious throughout, electing for a spinal anaesthetic rather than epidural or general anaesthesia.

My post-operative care was excellent and Mr Whittaker twice checked on me (the first time at the crack of dawn on the Wednesday) to ensure I was comfortable. The nursing and physio staff were, without exception, kind, efficient and responsive. I stayed in until the Friday morning, when I was discharged.

My recovery period went well - I obeyed all instructions and exercises and followed the advice to increase activity steadily and progressively. After four weeks I was fairly mobile and was able to get around without crutches. After six weeks, when Mr Whittaker saw me for my post-operation check-up, I was walking well - albeit not yet back to normal. Within three months I was pretty much healed and was able to go abroad on holiday. Since then, I have recovered fully and, pain-free, I am back to the active life I enjoyed prior to my hip problem.

I am immensely grateful to Mr Whittaker and the team at Spire Yale for their treatment.

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