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At Spire Washington Hospital, we offer a rapid access spinal clinic allowing you to see a range of spinal surgeons for an initial consultation, generally within 48 hours*. Coming to the hospital is an easy process; you can receive fast effective treatment by self-funding, with finance options available, or by using your private medical insurance.

At Spire Washington Hospital, we have a range of Consultants who specialise in back problems and surgeries.

Private patients can be seen by one of our spinal surgeons within 48 hours for an initial consultation*. In this consultation the patient will be examined and a past medical history would be taken. Your consultant may suggest a scan, which are available here at Spire Washington Hospital. Patients have access to our top of the range on-site imaging services such as our MRI scanner, X-ray equipment or our new CT scanner. All of these this can be done on the same day* or carried out within a couple of days.

Our Consultant Spinal Surgeons can offer a range of treatments for back pain from our Sports Injury Clinic / Physiotherapy to surgical procedures. All procedures come as a fixed cost price (finance options available) which includes any follow-up appointments (until discharged) and any aftercare.

For more information about our rapid access spinal clinic or to book an appointment, please call one of our friendly Customer Service Advisers on 0191 418 8687.

*Depending on the patient's and consultants/radiographers availability

Back pain investigations

Confirm if a damaged disc in your back is causing you pain.

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Back surgery

Treatment to relieve pain from compressed nerves in your spine.

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Pain management injections

Steroids injections into the spine to help relieve pain.

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