After having some bad experiences seeing other surgeons for consultations, I got third time lucky with Mr Armstrong! I honestly can not recommend him enough and have been singing his praises since my operation. I have received nothing but the best quality of care from him. My case wasn’t for vanity reasons but more of a correction. I had one breast that was a lot larger than the other and also one that was tuberous. He had quite a job on his hands! From the minute I walked in to my first consultation I knew Mr Armstrong was more than capable of helping me. He is a lot more thorough than other surgeons I have been to see and really took his time to listen about how I felt and what I desired and he is very understanding. Unlike other surgeons who have behaved very differently and knocked my confidence more. There also was no pressure to book further but after my initial consultation I felt so excited and booked my operation immediately. Fast forward post op and I am feeling so amazing! I really cannot thank him enough as he has changed my confidence completely. I have had the best recovery process and aftercare. You can really tell that Mr Armstrong is an exceptional surgeon and he genuinely wants to help make people feel good about themselves! Thank you forever more!