I was 39 when I was diagnosed with grade II breast cancer. I had two lumpectomies and eventually had a mastectomy. I decided after three operations and chemotherapy that I was just happy to be and did not want to have a reconstruction at this time. For three or so years I started to get increasingly upset as I was restricted in the feminine clothes that were available that I could wear.

But seven years on and after two years of thoroughly researching what surgery was available and reviewing the results, I decided to make an appointment to discuss my options further with a couple of local surgeons. On my first meeting with Mr Armstrong and the frank, open discussion that we had, I knew straight away that he was the surgeon for me!

He discussed all options that would suit me, making drawing of each and showing patient photos of surgery that he had carried out. He advised me not to make a decision immediately, to go away and come back in a weeks’ time and we would go from there. I did not feel under pressure at any time, in fact I felt calm and relieved that I had found a surgeon that I had complete trust in.

I decided to have a DIEP flap reconstruction and a reduction of my other breast. I am so pleased with the results and as the scaring fades it gets even better. It certainly has improved my well-being and surprisingly my confidence and the bonus is to be able to wear what I like. The nursing care that I received while in the Spire Thames Valley Hospital was very good indeed. The aftercare from Shelagh, Mr Armstrong’s Cosmetic Specialist nurse was second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Armstrong and his supportive team for anyone looking to have reconstruction.