Anti-wrinkle injections: Anonymous

"I first decided I wanted to do something about the wrinkles on my face a few years ago. I very much have my mum’s skin - fantastic in one way as I have inherited the trait of skin that doesn’t get stretch marks during pregnancy, but on the flip side our facial skin on the female side of the family does not age well at all.

I am a fairly positive and happy person, and the outwardly frowning face wasn’t matching up with how I felt inside. Although I generally have a good skincare regime, I decided that at the age of 35 it was time to take things one step further and prevent more wrinkles appearing through this over-expression and frowning.

Georgie Collins, the cosmetic nurse at Spire Southampton Hospital who performed the treatment, was fantastic. She took the time to counsel me beforehand, asking me what result I wanted to achieve and what was possible (I didn’t want to lose all expression, just limit the over-expression and frowning).

These are my before and after photographs, in both sets of pictures I have used the same camera in the same light, and I am using the same expression. The only difference is that in the before photos I am wearing make-up, and in the afters I am not."

"Georgie really listened to what I wanted, and was very knowledgeable on how to use and where to place the Botox to achieve the result I was after. She was also able to assess my features to advise me on what would work to best give me the result I was looking for. She also explained to me the possible side effects and was able to put me at ease about the procedure.

The treatment itself was quick, and Georgie explained what she was doing the whole time. It was fairly painless over the forehead area, and Georgie warned me it can be a little more painful around the eye area, which it was but nothing more than a sharp scratch.

I started to see results after about five days, with full effect after seven days, and I am really pleased with the results. I still have some expression, but my forehead is much smoother and younger looking; and I don’t frown all the time anymore!

Georgie also put a small amount in my crow’s feet area, which has made a big difference when I smile.

I have had lots of friends tell me I look so much fresher and I feel much more confident; but I’ve not told anyone my secret, not yet anyway!"