Dr Louise Mazanti

Consulting Sex Therapist in Psychosexual Somatics®
Ph.D, Pg Dip

"The level of professionalism, heartfelt care and positivity at Spire Southampton is an amazing combination and creates a very safe and welcoming environment for working with sex and intimacy issues."

Practising at

Spire Southampton Hospital

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Treatment information

Some of the principal treatments carried out by Dr Louise Mazanti at Spire include:

Other treatments

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy. Sex Addiction Relationship Counselling Couples Counselling Intimacy Counselling Reproductive Health Sexual Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction

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Professional profile

Since qualifying and practicing as a psychotherapist I have also been instrumental in the development of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy, which is an innovative and groundbreaking approach to working with sexual and intimacy issues.

Specialising in combining techniques from talk therapy and a touch-based approach, Psychosexual Somatics® helps clients connect mental, emotional and physical aspects of their experience to offer fast effective treatment for sex and intimacy issues. Latest understandings from neuroscience are incorporated to ensure that patients develop new neural pathways which lead to new behaviours (for example, greater capacity for allowing intimacy)

To date I have several hundred hours of experience in my private practice as a psychotherapist specialising in sex and relationship and as a Psychosexual Somatics® practitioner.

In addition to my clinical work I am also a teacher in Psychosexual Somatics® and author of a self development book on sexuality to be published in 2016.

Private contact details

Telephone 07591908648
Private secretary email
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Qualification and professional memberships

Pg. Dip, Ph.D / University of Middlesex, Royal Acadamy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen / 2006
Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling, Ph.D in Craft Therapy.

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Personal Profile

I am passionate about my work. Every time a client moves through a difficulty and into an empowered place in life, I feel gratitude for having be able to support them. In my spare time I enjoy my two lovely sons and my wonderful partner, cooking a good meal and bringing all together. I love to see the sun rise in stillness, before entering the doings of the day.

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