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Our digestive system provides us with the nutrients and water we need from our food before eliminating toxins from our body. That’s why we need our bowels to be in good health.

It can be difficult to diagnose many problems that affect the digestive system, including conditions such as Crohn’s disease, coeliac/celiac disease and colitis as well as cancer. We offer a full set of tests for these conditions as well as treatments for painful conditions such as haemorrhoids.

Are bowel tests and surgery for you?

We’ve probably all had a tummy upset at some point in life. Your doctor is likely to recommend a bowel disorder test if you've been experiencing a consistent 'funny tummy’ – constipation, diarrhoea, bleeding or pain in your stomach area. You shouldn’t ignore bleeding from your bottom as it can be a warning flag to other more serious digestive diseases such as bowel cancer. Bowel cancer is the eighth most common cause of death in England and early diagnosis and treatment are vital for improving the chances of survival.

Why choose Spire for your bowel treatments?

You can choose the hospital and timing for your test or treatment and if appropriate, the expert consultant who will lead your care. We have modern, well-equipped hospitals and practice some of the latest medical treatments. You won’t have to wait and we offer flexible payment options that help put these tests and treatment within your reach. We have won many awards for the quality of our healthcare and have received high satisfaction ratings from our patients.

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