Private GP services

If you need to see a GP privately, why not book an appointment with one of our private GPs at Spire One Penny Lane Clinic?

We understand that your healthcare needs are varied, and we reflect this in the broad range of specialist services we provide.

Our private GP service provides reliable and convenient access to the expertise of our private GPs with direct access to the excellent facilities at Spire Liverpool Hospital and Spire One Penny Lane Clinic.

We provide men, women and children (over 3 years of age) with as much time with a doctor as they need with private appointments suitable to them. Our aim is to help our patients and people stay fit and healthy in both mind and body, supporting them in diagnosing illness and aiding recovery.

Private general practice is rapidly becoming the way many families, companies and individuals are accessing good medical cover and health care. Our private GP service provides the reliable, personal service you expect from your local doctor with all the convenience, expertise and treatment facilities you would expect from Liverpool’s leading private healthcare provider.

How to book a private appointment

Sexual health clinic

All our sexual health screenings are discreet and returned in confidence.

If you are worried about a sexual encounter and want a discreet check-up we can test for many STI’s and STD’s including: chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, trichomonas, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gardnerella, HIV, hepatitis B and C and syphilis. We also offer screening for many other common concerns or specific testing.

100% Confidential Testing

We offer 100% confidential testing and your NHS GP does not need to be informed of any testing and your results will not appear on your medical records.

Fast and Confidential Results

Most results are often available within 48 hours and can be returned by text message to your mobile phone, be given over the phone, sent by email or given by the doctor in person if required. This fast result service reduces your agonising wait for your test results to a minimum.

• Cervical Cancer Screen (Smear Test) - £150
• Full Sexual Health Screen – From £280
• Herpes – From £140
• HIV 10 Day Test – From £200
• HIV 28 Day Test – From £120
• HIV 90 Day Test – From £120
• HPV Screening – From £150
• HPV Vaccinations – From £495 per course (£175 per dose)
• Peace of Mind Screen – From £180

Travel Clinics

We all hope our travel and trips abroad are stress free and enjoyable. Unfortunately travel health problems can arise, but with a little forward planning some can be avoided.

Our clinic can provide a fully comprehensive doctor service to sign off and complete your visa or pre-employment medical requirements that may be related to working abroad and entry to work in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

We can provide an all-inclusive private appointment with onsite facilities to complete all your medical requirements in a single visit such as the following examples of common tests requested:

• Blood Cholesterol
• Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar)
• Chest X-ray for Tuberculosis
• Health Questionnaires
• Hep B Test - HBsAg Positive or Reactive
• Hep C Test - HCVsAg Positive or Reactive
• HIV Test
• Physical Examination
• Test for Filariasis
• Test for Malaria
• Test for Syphilis
• Vision & Hearing Assessment

Results: Your results can be issued in a format to suit your requirements. Many elements are added to your forms and signed and stamped at the end of your appointment. We can also provide a confirmation medical report with a certificate if forms are not required.

Costs: Payment for a medical examination is completed in full at clinic following your appointment. Prices are quoted based on provision of your forms or an exact list of your requirements.

Tests, imaging and private referrals

Dr Arun Ghosh offers appointments at his weekly clinics suitable for patients to have a consultation to be able to receive a referral letter to see a hospital specialist within Spire Liverpool Hospital.

This may be for ongoing health conditions, an acute illness that requires specialised treatment or for a wide range of hospital procedures.

Call 08444 990617 for more information.