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A fixed price for this treatment may be available on enquiry and following an initial consultation.

You can trust Spire Leeds Hospital to provide you with a single, fixed price (1) so there are no surprises. And, through our carefully chosen partner (2) you can even be considered for interest free finance.

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(1) Important: Please read Spire’s terms and conditions for full details of what’s included and excluded in your fixed price* when paying for yourself.

(2) Zebra Finance Ltd trading as Zebra Health Finance , Lincoln House, Stephensons Way, Wyvern Business Park, Derby, DE21 6LY. 

Perform offers its patients access to physiotherapists, medical doctors and sports scientists working together in an interdisciplinary team to treat the patient at the highest level. This intensive end to end rehabilitation is also available to the general public recovering from injury, accidents or surgery.

At our flagship Perform at St. George’s Park centre, we offer a self-pay residential rehabilitation option with an emphasis on sport-specific injuries for athletes who want to return to their pre-injury or enhanced level of fitness. Over the past two years we have provided residential rehabilitation to 750 players through our partnership with the Professional Footballers Association, as well as treating boxers, rugby players, cyclists and motorsports.

Athletes can stay overnight in the on-site Hilton Hotel while they receive intensive one-on-one treatment. The rehabilitation gym, hydrotherapy suite, altitude chamber and Alter-G treadmill offer a real boost to recovery programmes.

Non-residential rehabilitation is also offered at the ten Perform centres around the UK. Our centres in Liverpool and Southampton additionally feature an Alter-G treadmill, for low-weight bearing training. All centres have extensive experience in treatment professional and amateur sportspeople. Please contact your local Perform centre for more information.