Body Jet liposuction: Noelie's story

Bride-to-be Noelie Klineberg, 39, pictured below, a farm manager and entrepreneur from near Doncaster, had Body Jet liposuction in 2010 under the care of consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Professor Simon Kay.

She had noticed a build-up of fat on her bottom which no diet would shift. With her wedding day approaching, she wanted to look her best. Having previously had cosmetic treatments carried out at Spire Leeds, Noelie decided to try Body Jet liposuction.

She said: 

“When I found I couldn’t get into my jeans any more, I knew I had to do something. I felt like my bottom didn’t match the rest of my body, and no diet I tried worked. It was really important to me to look great for my wedding the following year, so I decided to try the Body Jet. The treatment itself was quick and easy, and I could see the results immediately. Within three days, I was back in my old jeans. I’m now a ‘perfect 10’ and feel like a new person.”

Professor Simon Kay, who carried out Noelie’s liposuction, commented: “Body Jet offers patients some big advantages. It is much more precise, involves less scarring and results in a faster recovery than traditional liposuction techniques. Hips, thighs, buttocks, arms and chins are particularly popular areas for re-shaping.”

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