Albert Cheesebrough, 81, from Harrogate had a male transobturator sling procedure under the care of Mr Neil Harris in November 2011.

Albert Cheesebrough, a retired bank manager, first discovered he had prostate cancer in 2000 and underwent a successful prostatectomy (removal of the prostate) later that year. Shortly after surgery, he suffered from a leaking bladder and the condition gradually worsened over the next 11 years, affecting his day-to-day life. A leak could be triggered by sneezing, coughing or physical activities. Albert decided to do something about it and had surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital in November 2011.

Albert says, “The symptoms made me feel unclean and very uncomfortable. The side effects were also inconvenient. I could not drink alcoholic drinks, such as wine, which curtailed some of my social life although I have never been a heavy drinker.”

Mr Neil Harris, a consultant urological surgeon at Spire Leeds Hospital, has a special interest in incontinence and functional bladder problems, in men and women.  He said, “Albert’s condition was having a very negative impact on his quality of life, as the leakage was both embarrassing and affected his day to day activities.”

He continues, “The transobturator sling is a fairly new procedure for men with stress incontinence, although a similar sling has been used for over 10 years in women with stress incontinence.  The sling works by supporting the urethra and bladder neck and can help to prevent urine leaking out when patients strain, through for example, coughing, sneezing or, exercising” 

Albert attended as a day patient and surgery took around an hour to perform. He suffered some discomfort from the operation and wasn’t allowed to lift anything for six weeks. However, once home again his life soon returned to normal – indeed much better than normal – very quickly.

Albert comments: “Without hesitation I would recommend this procedure. I feel more comfortable with myself now. I have no incontinence, I can exercise, play golf, garden and have the occasional beer or wine without "leaking" at all.”