Sylvia Walker - knee replacement surgery

Sylvia Walker had knee replacement surgery under the care of Mr Owen Wall at Spire Leeds Hospital.

Before having knee replacement surgery under the care of Mr Owen Wall at Spire Leeds Hospital, Sylvia Walker struggled to walk and physically couldn’t get in and out of a car.

Today, Sylvia, 74, from Boston Spa near Wetherby is pain free and looking forward to travelling to both Dubai and the Maldives – something which would have been impossible prior to surgery.

The problem first started around 18 months ago when Sylvia developed pain in her knee. Usually an active person, Sylvia saw her GP who referred her for physiotherapy. Thinking the problem may have been related to her cartilage, the physiotherapist recommended she see a consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

Sylvia scheduled an appointment with Mr Owen Wall at Spire Leeds. “I found Mr Wall very friendly and approachable. I felt completely at ease with him,” said Sylvia. Mr Wall carried out a thorough examination and requested X-rays which revealed end stage arthritis. He suggested to Sylvia that she consider a total knee replacement. It was a big decision for her and in the interim; Mr Wall referred her to Jane Phillips, one of the senior physiotherapists at Spire Leeds.

Despite physiotherapy, acupuncture and strengthening exercises, the pain continued. Two days after returning from holiday in April 2018, she had a further appointment with Mr Wall and decided to go ahead with the procedure.

Sylvia was admitted in May and described the hospital staff as ‘fantastic’. She was particularly pleased to see Jane who visited Sylvia on the ward the day after the operation.

Sylvia was discharged just a few days after surgery and continued with physiotherapy as an out-patient at Spire Leeds. She also followed a rehabilitation regime prescribed by Jane at home which involved walking up and down the stairs among other exercises. “Jane was very caring, understanding and patient with me which made my recovery so much easier.”

Eight weeks’ after surgery Sylvia described herself as fully recovered and was able to go on shopping trips with her daughter.

“I’m used to being active and found it very difficult when I couldn’t move around without intense pain. My whole experience at Spire can only be described as wonderful. I would certainly recommend Mr Wall and Jane Phillips, I can’t speak highly enough about them. With their help, I am now looking forward to a lovely holiday,” said Sylvia.