Hand and wrist clinic

Expert, caring treatment for a wide range of painful hand and wrist conditions.

In safe hands

Hand surgery is complex and requires a specialist approach by an experienced hand and wrist surgeon, whether treating an injury or a longstanding condition such as arthritis. Whatever the cause, we have a dedicated team of specialists to consult, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate.

Is hand surgery for you?

Our hands are vital to how we live and being able to carry out every day tasks - from dressing and feeding ourselves to earning a living. At Spire, we offer the latest treatments for conditions that affect the use of your hands. Our expert consultants and their medical teams will advise you on the best approach for you and help support you through your recovery. If surgery is required, we practice the least invasive procedures to enable a faster recovery time. We take an integrated approach to care, so you’ll be offered physiotherapy and any other support you need before and after your surgery.

Why choose Spire for hand surgery?

You will be treated quickly and effectively, by the specialist of your choice and at the location of your choice. All our hospitals are immaculate, modern and well equipped. Our surgeons are experts in their fields and many have national and international reputations for their work. Your consultant and their team will help you choose the most effective treatment and they will be there to support you every step of the way - even after your surgery. Our hand surgery departments are led by consultants, offering the expertise of experienced, specialist surgeons. The service is supported by a dedicated hand therapy specialist physiotherapist, ensuring a better post-surgery functional outcome. We also take an integrated approach, using a plastic surgery nurse specialist to ensure the highest levels of patient communication and aesthetic surgical outcomes. We're proud to have been recognised for achieving excellence in patient care, staff training, nursing practice and healthcare outcomes.

Meet the Spire Hartswood Hand and wrist surgeons

Prompt and expert care

Hand and wrist treatment at Spire Hartswood Hospital is tailored to suit you and combines the expertise of a team of specialist doctors, surgeons and therapists. With everyone in one place, the consultants can react quickly to your needs, communicate effectively on your progress and get you back to your full potential as soon as possible.

Common hand and wrist conditions 

• Arthritis • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Cubital tunnel syndrome • Dupuytren's contracture • Ganglion cyst • Jamming of fingers • Mallet finger • Trapped nerve (nerve compression) • Trigger finger • Wrist tendonitis 

Common hand and wrist injuries 

• Finger sprains, fractures and dislocations • Hand fractures • Hand trauma • Torn ligaments and tendons • Wrist sprains and fractures