A young woman had wanted a breast augmentation for years but didn’t know where to start. Then a friend told her about Mr Sood. As she works long hours and can’t always phone, she sent an email. To her pleasant surprise, the response was quick and before she knew it, she was discussing her options with the surgeon.

“He was calming and it wasn’t awkward”, she said. “He gave me lots of information, links to his website, tons of leaflets. We discussed sizes but he wouldn’t let me go too big. I’m glad. I trusted him, he’s the doctor.

“On the day of the surgery, I was taken to my room which was like a hotel, it was stunning. I was really nervous but the anaesthetist was really good and made me feel at ease. The nurses were lovely and funny, they made me laugh.

“When I woke up, I didn’t feel sick or dizzy. It was like a miracle had happened! I stayed overnight – again the nurses were great, they kept checking on me to see I was OK. Then, the next day, I went home.

“Afterwards, I felt good as everything had gone so well. I felt like crying, I was so happy!”

Six weeks later, she went back to see Mr Sood who, after checking her scars, was pleased with the result. He also recommended some creams she could use to help her scars heal better. She will then come back to see Mr Sood in a year’s time so he can check on her progress and formally discharge her.