Facial mole removal by Mr Manu Sood, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Having been referred to Mr Sood many years ago by a fellow Consultant Dermatologist, Joan has subsequently had several procedures for removal of moles by Mr Sood caused by sun damage.

At a last visit to check up on mole removal from her arm, Mr Sood noticed a small round spot on her forehead and advised Joan to keep a watchful eye. Over the coming months the size of the spot increased, so Joan called Mr Sood’s friendly office to make an appointment. 

At the initial consultation Mr Sood advised that he would remove the mole at Spire Hartswood’s day-case theatre and a date was quickly set. 

“I arrived and was quickly taken up to my ‘Pod’ in the new Thorndon Suite, day-case theatre.” said Joan. “The Pod (room) was much larger than I had expected, had a television and was very comfortable.  When it was time for my procedure I walked into the theatre and was made to feel at ease by Mr Sood. The mole removal did not hurt at all and was over very quickly. I do have to take regular Aspirin which makes me bleed easily, but Mr Sood is aware of this and expertly managed this element. When I was back in my room I looked at the stiches on my forehead and was so pleased to see that they were marvellous stitches, extremely small, incredibly neat and perfectly measured – my friends even commented on this. I was not in pain at all that day or evening.”

Joan was given the advice to regularly moisturise the incision and to press against the stitches so that the wound would heal flat to the skin. Joan is amazed that five months on you can barely see the site of the mole removal, the small scar is incredibly faint and not at all noticeable.

The mole turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma – a form of skin cancer caused mostly by over-exposure to the sun. But, on top of that, Joan also spotted several moles on her chest (Keratosis) which Mr Sood has since frozen and they will drop off in around four weeks.

“Mr Sood is truly wonderful, I have known him professionally for years now and he keeps a good check on me and my skin, recently advising me that I am only to spend ten minutes a day in the full sunshine. He has a lovely nature, so kind and just a normal person. The procedure under local anaesthetic did not hurt and the wound has healed amazingly well, I am so pleased with my care.”