June - cosmetic surgery for neck swelling removal and liposuction

I have the condition of an underactive thyroid, which had caused my neck to bloat out more on one side than the other. I was very conscious of this swelling and people looking at my neck. I was not covered under the NHS or through my work insurance so had to pay for this myself as a cosmetic procedure. Looking for some help, I saw my GP and he said that he highly recommended Mr Sood, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Spire Hartswood Hospital.

I phoned for an appointment with Mr Sood and when I met him we got on famously. Mr Sood has such a calming nature and clear way of explaining the planned operation, he advised liposuction of the area in my neck and then to draw the excess skin across, to give my neck a slim appearance. 

I decided to go ahead with this procedure and had a two night stay at Spire Hartswood. Unfortunately I developed a small blood clot in the healing area while staying in the hospital and had to return to theatre to remove this - this was all part of the inclusive cost in my surgery.

This original operation was seven years ago and all the hospital staff were wonderful, I can’t thank them enough. After a few weeks the healing had finished. It was wonderful as all the bloatedness and fat had gone. I had previously been so conscious of people looking at me, it had affected my confidence, but I am so pleased to say that I got my confidence back. 

I am now 80 years old and after several years, due to my age, the skin had naturally lost its elasticity and started to sag, the scar started to show again and I was conscious of this. I had a wonderful 80th birthday treat arranged, to see Tony Bennett at the Royal Albert Hall, and wanted to feel my very best. I went back to see Mr Sood with a worry about having an operation at my age and the effectiveness of surgery. Mr Sood put me right at ease not to be concerned because of age and said he would definitely be able to correct the sagging around the scar. He was so good. His secretary was also so lovely on the phone, she had a beautiful voice and put me at ease. 

During my hospital stays, I have been treated so well at Spire Hartswood. The ward nurses and staff come round every single hour to check for blood pressure and keep a good eye on you. They ask if there's anything you want, such as water and the toilet etc. They keep you comfortable and you can have anything at all you wish to eat at meal times – that is how good it is. The aftercare clinic was also very good indeed.

By my 80th birthday I only had a small scar, hardly noticeable and much better than what it was before the operation. Mr Sood asked me to wait three months for my final follow up and now I can hardly see anything. This has made such a difference to me. I can’t praise Mr Sood enough, an absolutely lovey man, a lovely surgeon with such a calming nature.