You have made me love the body I am in, thank you Mr Sood

Rebecca Cosmetic Surgery

Rebecca - cosmetic surgery after having lost ten stone with weight loss surgery

Rebecca had breast augmentation and abdominoplasty surgery at Spire Hartswood Hospital under the care of consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Manu Sood, after weight loss surgery with Kesava Mannur, consultant bariatric surgeon.

After losing a total of 10 stone, I was left with a little loose ‘mummy’ tummy which started to make me a little uncomfortable as I wanted the desired flat tummy.

I saw Mr Sood in a consultation at Spire Hartswood, who explained that the best version of the tummy tuck for me would be a fleur-de-lis procedure. We had several meetings to discuss this. I had also realised I was very conscious of the fact I had lost the shape and size of my breasts and we decided together that I would have the two procedures done at the same time.

What I loved about Mr Sood is that he wasn’t interested what bra cup size I wanted, he wanted to give me the most natural looking breasts for my body shape. He got me to wear a t ’shirt and sports bra, then look in the mirror after selecting a handful of sizes, together we agreed a size that suited my body shape. I was so happy and excited.

Deciding upon the tummy tuck was very straight forward, I didn’t need to choose anything as he had advised me which procedure was best to reduce the skin I had.

The surgery for both procedures took roughly six hours in total, and I woke up quite stiff (as you can imagine). I remember looking down and thinking wow! My chest area was quite swollen, so they did initially look incredibly big!

Within 10 days my tummy had healed greatly and my breasts weren’t so sore.  I must admit for about 2 weeks after the operation I struggled to get comfortable or pull myself out of bed or to sit myself up, but after 2 weeks all the aching had reduced and I was back to work as a massage therapist.

After 6 weeks the scars were healed completely, and my tummy was so flat! My stomach looked incredible, and I've never felt so confident.

I now enjoy wearing tight dresses showing of my beautiful trim figure, and bikinis on holiday.

At age 21/22 it is one of the greatest feelings in the world to love yourself and your body. And you have made me love the body I am in. Thank you Mr Sood you are an angel.