Laser Prostatectomy

Mr Phillips under went a laser prostatectomy in early 2009, performed by Consultant Urologist, Mr Anil Vohra.

"My condition was causing me both embarrassment and discomfort, so I knew that I needed to do something. Following a visit to my GP, I was referred to Mr Anil Vohra. I knew of Spire Hartswood Hospital, and was happy to attend a consultation with Mr Vohra there. After the initial consultation, I decided to go ahead with the procedure, and was not disappointed. Throughout my involvement with the Hospital, the staff were friendly and attentive to my every need."

Mr Phillips goes on to say, "The procedure (laser prostatectomy) that I went through has changed my life. All the problems/embarrassment that I encountered in every-day life have now been eradicated, and life is so much easier. I am more than happy with my decision to go ahead with the treatment and my choice in Spire Hartswood Hospital. Thank you Mr Vohra, and support staff, and thank you Spire Hartswood Hospital."